Philippines tops Countries in Business English Proficiency for 2012

On April 03, 2012, in Brisbane, California, U.S.A., the Global English Corporation has released an indexed results about the Business English Proficiency observed in workplaces. They proactively release annual results for BEI for the purpose of informing the quality results or production of employees of whatever companies, countries, and even industries. It’s a common knowledge that English is the next best and comfortable language that anyone uses in order to communicate to other non-native English Speakers. The basis for the results were completely done according the scale ratio of 1 to 10, which is really basic that covers the kind of learners from beginners up to advanced English skills. Its impact is one of the contributing factors for the progress of any nation as a whole collectively. On this latest result, you would find the top 10 countries in business English proficiency for 2012:

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