Adjasan – Your “Pit Stop” from Mt. Timbak to Mt. Pulag in Kabayan, Benguet

The trek from Mt. Timbak to Mt. Pulag is a mountain climber’s dream. Mt. Timbak is the drop-off point of the long journey to Mt. Pulag. It boasts a spectacular view of Mt. Pulag being the second highest mountain in the Philippines and viewing the destination before conquering it makes the journey full of aspiration, determination and commitment. You see, the feeling is like, you see this towering mountain at a distance, seemingly unreachable and untouchable and then here you are on top of Mt. Timbak with the aspiration of making it to top of Mt. Pulag, the determination of conquering is rushing through your veins, then that commitment that you’ll make the journey is even stronger than ever before. In plain language, I think you like to look at the prize first before you work hard to get it.

Mt. Timbak to me , is like saying, “when you dream, dream big”. You’re on top of Mt. Timbak and yet here in front of you with an unobstructed view is a more higher goal. Another reason why it has to be part of the adventure is because Mt. Timbak is the home of the centuries-old mummies of Kabayan and this alone is enough reason for tourists and climbers to discover. The mummies of Kabayan are world-famous and to see them in their burial caves in Mt. Timbak is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. The burial mountain is considered sacred and rich in history. Although mummification is no longer practiced among the Ibaloi people of Benguet Province, the tribe today still considers the Timbak Caves to be a sacred territory and performs rituals in the area.

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